Change Your Beliefs, Change Your World!

Your beliefs are the building blocks of reality -
the blueprints of your experience.

They are the most potent manifesting ingredients
in your consciousness tool box.

Are yours working for you or against you?

Dear life transformer,

Just changing ONE belief in one area of my life changed my life radically.

I got to see just how much reality is constantly reflecting what we believe, and how beautiful and magical it is when those beliefs change to reflect manifestations that serve us the fulfillment of our heart's desires.

The thing with beliefs is that it's often a case of 'what you don't know you don't know'. The vast majority of your beliefs you are not even aware of.

Your beliefs are not the truth, just an accepted perception of such. Yet these inner, largely unconscious 'agreements', are shaping and dictating your life in every moment!

Everybody tells you that clearing your limiting beliefs and changing them to positive ones is vital for manifesting your dreams, but nobody shows you effectively HOW.

Let me help you :)

Brightest blessings,

Aine Belton

Change your beliefs and you change the very filters
with which you perceive and create your world!

“Beliefs are the determinant of what one experiences.
There are no external causes.”
- David Hawkins, I: Reality and Subjectivity

But, do you even know what your beliefs are?

Step one of your Belief Busting journey is to identify them.
So much of what you believe you are not even conscious of
and simply accept as 'the way life is'.

Yet the 'way life is' is a direct PRODUCT of these beliefs

Most of your beliefs are formed during your childhood years,
yet they continue to impact your reality TODAY.

Beliefs don't fade with time. Quite the contrary. If you don't change them they are compounded by the very experiences they themselves generate in a detrimental catch 22.

You have a belief about EVERYTHING in your world!

And if you're experiencing limitation, struggle or hardship ANYWHERE, be that with relationships, money, your career, health, etc., you'll find an un-serving belief there to be cleared.


The Belief Buster Kit shows you EXACTLY how to do this, with over 20 exercises and techniques to identify and clear limiting beliefs and create and install new empowering beliefs in their place.

It includes the Belief Buster Meditation so you can implement these changes at a subconscious level.

It's time to get off the hamster wheel of your past programs and experience the terrain of your dreams-come-true!

Whole new world's of possibility are available to you NOW!
Your heart's desires are quite literally A BELIEF AWAY!

You see the great news is...

You can CHOOSE what you believe!

Would you like to re-invent yourself and your world?

The Belief Buster Kit shows you how...

Read on to discover exactly what you receive in the Belief Buster Kit

The Belief Buster Kit
(Workbook and Audio Meditation)
All files are PDF files and the meditation is an MP3 audio file
so you can download this material immediately and begin using right away!!

The Belief Buster Workbook

Part 1 explores what beliefs are, how they are formed, and a consciousness recipe for the Belief Busting Process!

Part 2 looks at how to identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in your life, and offers 11 specific exercises for doing so.

Part 3 looks at how you can harness your blockages (yes, that's right, your blockages) to identify limiting beliefs and patterns and turn enemies into allies.

Part 4 shows how to create and install new empowering beliefs that are aligned to your desires (including the Belief Buster Meditation)

Part 5 offers 9 techniques for strengthening your new beliefs in everyday life including a Daily Belief Program.

Part 6 gives life-changing consciousness raising tips for creating a PARADIGM SHIFT in your life.

Part 7 explores spiritual connection: you and your Higher Self, unlocking the treasure vault within you and the grace of co-creation.

PLUS you receive...

The Belief Buster Meditation

This audio MP3 recording is a 20 minute guided visualization that takes you to the 'Chamber of Beliefs' within your subconscious mind where you can clear and replace your limiting beliefs with new empowering ones.

In the Belief Buster Meditation you also release the emotional energy that surrounds and compounds your limiting belief and anchor in your new belief with a corresponding positive emotional resonance.

This powerful meditation enables you to move beyond theory and implement the necessary changes at a subconscious level.

Below is just some of what you will discover in the
Belief Buster Kit



Over 50% OFF with the Current Discount Offer!

Please Note: All files are PDF files and the meditation is an MP3 audio file
This is a digital product. On purchase you will be directed to a webpage where you can
can download this material within minutes and begin using right away!!

How your beliefs have accompanying signature emotions that surround and compound them and a technique to release them

The 3 main categories of beliefs and how knowing this will broaden the discovery of limiting beliefs in any area of your life

What 'future causation' is and how you can use it to transform your present reality in an instant

How to use the power of emotion to most effectively install your new beliefs

How and why seeing life through ‘innocent eyes' will help you birth your new matrix!

Why your first 5 years are critical to the formulation of your beliefs for several reasons

How to identify 'shadow beliefs'

How your emotions are superb allies for identifying beliefs

Why the law of attraction is futile, if you don't change your beliefs

Why it's important to know that 'you are not your beliefs'

What blame and judgment can tell you about your beliefs

The importance of forgiveness for a complete mind body soul detox and opening the floodgates to love, freedom and success

How to ask your unconscious mind directly to discover what limiting beliefs are holding you back

How to bypass ego games and traps that could sabotage your success

How to use the internal dial of your senses to 'hot spot' your beliefs

How goals can be allies on your belief busting journey

A Journaling technique for unveiling beliefs

Heartbreak and beliefs - what's really going on

What you can learn from your inner and outer dialogue

The 'core 4' most damaging self-beliefs and the symptoms with which to identify them

How to create a 'vision template' from your new belief that will facilitate its consolidation in your life and accelerate your manifesting success

Why busting your beliefs is the #1 thing more important than visualizing when it comes to attracting your desires and why visualizing alone is not enough!

The essential bigger picture of the law of attraction so crucial to successfully engaging it that other resources seem to miss!

A powerful meditation so you can directly implement the Belief Busting process at a subconscious level for lasting change

Why abundance consciousness is your natural state

How to create new empowering beliefs, plus what not to do in this process and why

9 techniqes that will massively strengthen your new beliefs

The power of being present and how this opens you to the 'flow' of life and the love, joy and miracles available in every moment

How fear, control, and jealousy can actually help you identify limiting beliefs

Why any belief in lack, scarcity, or limitation is false, and how to bust free of these beliefs to achieve the abundance you desire

An extremely powerful trick to shift your focus from negative thoughts and emotions to positive ones immediately

Why having fun will attract success like iron-filings to a magnet! Let play pave your way to success.

How to install new beliefs in your subconscious mind

The number 1 myth of the law of attraction

How and why 'roles' and certain behaviours can point to the existence of the very opposite internalised self-belief in 'Compensations as Clues'

A Daily Belief Program you can use each day to activate and bolster your new beliefs

How to free yourself from your past negativity to create a new blank slate in your life – an interesting ‘burning' technique!

How to create a paradigm shift in your life to create the space for the NEW self-created YOU

The power of questions and an inquiry process to illuminate hidden thoughts and beliefs around your goals

What an 'evidence journal' is, and how keeping one will support your new beliefs and instantly collapse your old ones!

And much more!

Trying to apply the law of attraction with counter beliefs is like painting over cracks in a wall. It might look clean and bright for a while, but it's only a matter of time before the cracks appear again, and the same patterns and agendas rear their not so pretty heads! Until you clear the unconscious limiting beliefs behind them that is!


"Aine Belton has created a stunningly simple and effective approach to repatterning your beliefs in her Belief Buster Kit.

After 30 years of study in comparative religion, metaphysics and spiritual practices, I can honestly say that her approach can take you into a new world shaped by beliefs you intentionally set, both safely and effectively. In my experience one of the greatest determining factors in a product of this kind is the ability to pace and guide you through the experience.

Aine's voice in the meditation is soothing and her command at creating a course you can visualize and work with is exceptional.

On just my first listening to the MP3 program I could vividly see the visualizations she described and felt an immediate emotional shift in the belief I worked on.

I highly recommend the Belief Buster Kit as a "must-have" resource in your personal development

Bill White
The Synchronicity Expert

"Thank you for creating the Belief Buster Workbook and Meditation. I've listened to the meditation every day.  The imagery is not only relaxing and enjoyable but helps me to reprogram my beliefs at a foundational level.

I appreciate the instruction on how beliefs begin in our life, and
the steps we can take to identify these beliefs.  Yes, identifying
our ineffective beliefs has to be the first step to changing them!
Your exercises for identifying core beliefs and clusters of beliefs
are very useful. 

You wrote the book that I wanted to write, and more power to you.  Thanks also for including the chapters on love, peace, and presence also."

Christopher Westra
Author of I Create Reality

"As one who works in the field of personal development, I am thoroughly
impressed with the Belief Buster Kit.

I find it to be jam-packed with great tools for identifying and eradicating limitations, and I really like the "I Am" exercise - very powerful and revealing. Great stuff!

The Belief Buster Kit is a resource that I can certainly utilize in my profession, and one that I will continue to use in my own personal development."

Buz McGuire
The Viral Happiness Expansion Initiative

"The Belief Buster Kit is full of inspiring material. It's uplifting, energizing and it's obvious you have a full understanding of this subject and changing beliefs.

The ideas and methods in which one can change beliefs are certainly new to me and I've already begun building solid new ones based upon abundance which I'm really excited about!

Thank you so much for putting together this workbook and meditation! I'm really loving going into my enchanted chamber of my subconscious to reprogram myself every day.

Thanks Aine!

I'm sure this program will help so many people to experience more of what they want."

- Gary Evans
Founder of Positivity Space



"Lots of programs talk about manifesting your
goals, however what makes Belief Buster
so unique is that it gives you practical tools to clear what stands in the way, and install new and empowering beliefs so that you can make the necessary changes to realize your deepest desires.

The gentle yet powerful processes allow you
to get to the core issues and therefore the results are lasting. This is essential to realizing your Heart's
most treasured dreams.

It also offers transformational shifts through the processes of love, forgiveness and spiritual connection which creates change at the very matrix of your being."

Susan Castle
Founder of the Essence Method
Creator of the Heart Essence Learning System





"I have just finished listening to the Belief Buster meditation which accompanies the Belief Buster workbook I did exactly as instructed, and at the end of it I am telling you I felt like it was gone , like even though as I normally would try to tell myself I am this belief, it was like I couldn't because I had replaced the belief.

If there is anyone reading this who feels stuck, who feels that their life never seems to change in one or more aspects no matter what they do, you need to buy the Belief Buster Kit because sincerely it does exactly what it says... busts your beliefs!!!!
It's just priceless and thinking beyond this I can see how amazingly well this is going to help my own life coaching clients too!

... I feel like I am getting the makeover of all makeovers."

- Shelley Costello
Life Coach and Holistic Therapist

"The principles behind manifestation have become very widely known and promoted, yet many people who sincerely practice them still do not see much change in their lives. You only have to visit the online forums dedicated to 'LOA' to see the truth of this. To use that overworked cliche, this is the 'elephant in the room' concerning the Law of Attraction.

Your material goes straight to the very root of the problem - the self-sabotaging beliefs that are buried deeply in the subconscious - and shows how anyone can 'spring clean' their mind!

The Belief Busters Kit is the missing piece of the puzzle that has been needed for quite some time - I believe that for many people it will prove to be the key that unlocks the door to a better life."

- Peter Roe




"I am deeply grateful for the gift of Aine's Belief Buster Kit.

It is an invaluable reminder of universal truths and helped my conscious mind to gain a more complete understanding of the power and vital significance of our beliefs in shaping our reality.

More importantly, I experienced her wonderful meditation as an easy and effective way to uncover, clear and replace a deep seated limiting belief in my subconscious mind, that had been at the root of holding me back in an important area of my life.

No matter how aware we are and how easily we are manifestating already, I believe we will all benefit from continuously uncovering and replacing limiting beliefs, allowing us to either take off for the first time or soar ever higher.

The Belief Buster Kit provides the necessary tools to do so."

- Susanne Meis
Author of Kinetikus - The Story of a Divine Lover Founder of Orangelily,


"All I can say is wow! It's not every day that you find a book that is practical, useful, and deeply inspirational all at the same time.

Aine has written a well-presented step-by-step approach to dealing with negative, limiting beliefs that are preventing us from living the life of our dreams.

She covers it all: explaining what the beliefs are and how they are formed, identifying your negative beliefs, creating new empowering ones and imprinting them into your subconscious mind.

With more than 20 techniques you can't fail. After reading and applying those tactics nothing will be able to stop you on your way to leading fulfilling and successful life!"

Arina Nikitina
Founder of the Goals Setting School

"This amazing course is designed to help you become more conscious and aware of your limiting beliefs and shows you how to transform them, liberate stuck emotional responses and step into the freedom of taking complete charge of your life. 

This course is written by someone who knows the way."

Steve Nobel
Author of The Prosperity Game
Director of Alternatives




"Aine, I love the simple and very direct way that you have addressed this vital subject matter, in your Belief Buster Workbook.  You have delivered on your every promise, made at

In your Workbook are some very powerful ways to, easily and clearly, distinguish our current beliefs that may be obscured from our own view. 

Once discovered, you do not then leave us dangling with them. Your book includes effective exercises to transform our beliefs and direct us towards a success mindset. 

The Belief Buster Meditation is also wonderful.  It is very easy to stay with, and each time I revisit the meditation I uncover something else buried in my subconscious mind. 

You have accomplished a great feat in untangling a challenging topic."

Thea Westra – Forward Steps



"In the Belief Buster Kit, Aine shares a wealth of information regarding beliefs and how they play out in our lives. The Kit is not only a great resource of understanding; she also shares very specific action steps to transforming your beliefs. 

The meditation is a valuable part of this kit and it is effective and easy to incorporate into your day."

Velma Gallant
The Queen of JOY!
Author of Juicy Bites

"My word, Aine has done it again!

She gently guides us through a kind but thorough process of self examination, to release what does not serve us any more.... to reconnent with our Source, and manifest our dreams in the process.
She also has the most extraordinarily beautiful voice!
A brilliant contribution and I highly endorse it.

Neil Long
Interview with Spirit

"It's amazing, I changed ONE belief around money, installing the new one "money loves me" and that very DAY I discovered I had over £2,000 more in my account than I was aware of (still can't figure out quite how but I'm accepting of it!) plus received well over £2,500 in checks! That's nearly £5,000 the day I changed my belief, and it's just the beginning!

I feel like I have a whole new relationship with money and it feels soooo goood! Life sure is reflecting it amazingly too!! :-)

I can't thank you enough!

Love and blessings"

Jane Harley
United Kingdom

"At last! This is just what I've been looking for. I only wish I'd come across this years ago!

This isn't just a belief changing guide, it's a consciousness raising experience! Before I'd even begun changing my beliefs I was already feeling way better about myself and life just from the reading it adn the new perspectives I've generated! It's been such a turn around experience.

I'm amazed at how effective even the most simple techniques are. So much has and is still changing in my life, and it's coming from the changes I'm making on the inside.

I now laugh at some of the realities I once gave credence to! It's so liberating to know things change instantly when I do!

Thank you so much for gifting me my freedom. It's priceless!"

Mark Jones

"Thank you, thank you, you are a great inspiration in my life.

It is people like you that makes this journey of discovery so exciting and hopeful and reinforces faith. I know that it is through the conspiracy concocted by the universe that you have showed up in my life and I am forever grateful.

To put it simply 'it works.'

With the greatest love and gratitude."

Linda Williams
Freeport, Grand Bahama

"There's so much I could say about your Beleif Buster Kit but to sum it up in 7 words:


And it just keeps getting better :-) What a treasure!


Jessica Mendes
United Kingdom

"I am 47years old, but its like I am experiencing a rebirth through you.

I wish there was a word bigger than thanks.

Thanks a lot!!"

Duncan Ndegwa Gachuhi

"Your Belief Buster Kit is so value packed I don't know where to start! It has layers and depths that go way beyond what I was even expecting.

In addition to the clear and concise belief-changing techniques (thank you for the sheer abundance of these!), your holistic all-encompassing approach makes this product a cut above anything else I've come across in this field.

The blockages and paradigm shift sections for example are utterly profound and life-changing in themselves!

Thank you for creating such a powerful (and beautiful) re-programming meditation. It's great to have something I can work with to create changes at the deepest level and it's divine to listen to.

The biggest of thanks,"

Scott Mayer
United Kingdom

Trying to manifest your desires with incongruent beliefs
is like trying to grow a rose bush from an olive pip!

Until you change the ‘seed' you'll keep getting olives,
no matter how many roses you visualize, dream about or set goals for.

Now if you like olives, that's fine :)
Personally I've nothing against olives!

Hmm... the point I'm making is, if there are dreams you've yet to reach, or desires you find yourself struggling to achieve, you'll want to look at the seeds (i.e. the beliefs)
that lie at their root.

Nothing changes until you do!

And I'm not talking the transient change or temporary high experienced
after you've read an illuminating book, audio or motivational seminar,
inspiring as these may be.

I'm talking about change at a fundamental level, deep down where it counts.

You see, your Beliefs are more powerful than thoughts.
They are also the wellsprings and determinants of your thoughts.

When you clear your limiting beliefs and create new ones aligned to your heart's desires, you no longer need to 'try' to think and feel in a certain way or consciously engage
the law of attraction in your life,
because you will be unconsciously primed to do so...

Your beliefs about self, others and the world 
can either be the gateways to all that you seek


the binding chains that keep you stuck in patterns of
failure, struggle and heart-ache

They can either IMPRISON, or LIBERATE...

Change your beliefs and you change your world!

What would you like to change?

The choice is yours!

“A belief is assuming something to be true, to be a fact.
A belief is not caused, it is created by choice. A belief about a thing's existence is not the same as its existence.”

- Bruce Di Marsico

Don't use yesterday's mental garbage
to create tomorrow's experiences.
Create fresh new beliefs for a fresh new life!

Order the
Belief Buster Kit

Today For Only



Over 50% OFF with the Current Discount Offer!!

And it's totally RISK-FREE!

The Belief Buster Kit comes with a
56 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!

If you do not feel you have gained the
marked value you will get your money back!

Why the Law of Attraction Doesn't Work!

Dare I say it ;)

Whilst there's nothing wrong with the Law of Attraction in principle, so much of what's written and talked about with regard to the Law of Attraction fails to address the level of belief (let alone offer techniques for changing them).

Yet your beliefs are more powerful than thoughts!

They are the unconscious blueprints of your world
and supercede and 'out play' the conscious workings of the mind.

Conscious efforts to apply the law of attraction, visualization, goal-setting, affirmations and the like, are ultimately futile if you hold incongruent beliefs.

Like it or not, your beliefs hold the reigns
and forge the boundary conditions of your experience!

And you can't escape from your beliefs. You can't hide from them.
Playing ostrich simply doesn't work!

You see, your reality doesn't lie. It will dish up those dirty beliefs time and time again until you change them.

So if you don't like the results you're getting in your world,
it's time to review the beliefs behind them.

Your beliefs emit frequency patterns
& powerfully effect your vibration and manifesting potential
for better or worse.

Your beliefs can be the stuff of dreams come true.
Sadly, they can also be the very 'stuff' that stands in the way of those dreams.

It is your beliefs that keep you separate from the successes you seek,
from who you truly are and from all you can be.


Unlock the Treasure Chest of your True Self

You are a MAGNIFICENT being with so much to offer the world!

You have a unique and powerful treasure trove of gifts, talents and potential inside you, and a heart so full of love with which to bless, heal and transform your world.

It's time to experience the true nature of your being. Your limiting beliefs are the chains that keep the treasure chest of your Self bound tight.

Old wounds and traumas and their resultant beliefs have fractured your perception
of self and the world. They cloud and shroud the light within
and the vastness of who you are and who you can be.

There's no pot of gold at the end of some rainbow far away,
but there is one INSIDE of YOU RIGHT NOW,
and it holds the keys to all the abundance, success, love and joy
that you seek.

Let Your Light Shine :)

Get Your Copy of
The Belief Buster Kit
(Over 50% OFF for a limited time only!)

Quickly and precisely identify and clear the root cause of challenges and sabotaging patterns that are holding you back!

Re-invent yourself and your reality so that it reflects all that you desire to be, do and have!

Bust the invisible boundaries that limit your success!

Unleash the magnificence of your true self!

All files are PDF files and the meditation is an MP3 audio file
On purchase you will be directed to a webpage where you can
can download this material within minutes and begin using right away!!

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This purchase comes with an 8 week/56 day money-back guarantee.
If unsatisfied you may request a refund within this period.

To your every success,

Aine Belton

Over 50% OFF for a limited period!

Please Note: All files are PDF files and the meditation is an MP3 audio file
This is a digital product. On purchase you will be directed to a webpage where you can
can download this material within minutes and begin using right away!!


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